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Sermon Transcription & Technical Team Application

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We need volunteers to :

1, write each Sunday's Sermon Transcription .

2, make PPTs and play projection during the Sunday's service.

3, Website Editor

4, Video & audio media Editor


(1) Fully understand the Truth, about Christianity
(2) Dedicate to serve God and His church
(3) Comply with the principles of our church
(4) Determined to serve in Haidian Church English Fellowship
(5) Have been regularly attending Haidian church English Fellowship at least one year
(6) Fluent English communication skills, good computer skills.

I urge you, therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.  ( Romans 12:1)


For sermon Transcription team-members, The Process goes like this:

  1. get the compressed sermon video (a .rm file around 100M size) from our website (resources for downloading)   or volunteer of Haidian Church.
  2. write down the sermon to a .doc file, correct the slip of the tongue if needed.
  3. there is another team-member to revise the Transcription .
  4. update the website like what we have done on 2011-06-05

So we pray to have 8 sermon team members to do these works, 8 for a month, means 2 members per week, 1 for summary and 1 for revision.  and next month exchange the role. So if we have 8 members around, then we will have a round, then we can glorify our Lord and make more people listen to Jesus' voice via this work. Surely, if we don't have that many people, we will do as good as what we did before. :) May God leads us.


For PPT projection team-members:

  1. the main person: gets worship info (Preacher, Reading Scripture, Sermon topic, Presider, Worship Leader) and worship songs list & lyric by Friday, makes the sermon PPT and worship song PPT according to our templete PPTs (takes around 20 mins), shows up at 11:00 o'clock and plays projection during Sunday's service.
  2. the assistant: helps to turn the lights & switch the screens, etc, during Sunday's service.

So we pray to have 6 PPT team members, 2 for each service, 1 for making PPT & playing projection, 1 assistant for cam & lights.  We will have a round, then we can glorify our Lord and make more people listen to Jesus' voice via this work. May God leads us.


If you have any question, please contact us by email:
englishfellowship@gmail.com with email (Title "Sermon Transcription Team" or "PPT Projection team".)
Thank You! 

If you feel called to service, please fill the form below: 


Haidian Christian Church English Fellowship
Sermon Transcription & Technical Team Application


Basic Information
"Basic Information" may be completed either in English or Chinese.
Chinese Name: Birthday:
    Year         Month        Date
English Name: QQ or MSN:
Sex: Male Female Email address:
Highest level of education: Home Phone:
If "yes", which school? Mobile Phone:
Current Home Address:  




How long have you regularly attended the Haidian Christian Church English Fellowship?
Less than 12 months  12 - 18 months  More than 18 months 
How long do you plan on serving at Haidian Christian Church English Fellowship?
6 months  6 - 12 months  More than 12 months 
Have you been baptized?
Yes, at Haidian Church  Yes, at another church  No, I have not 
If you were baptized at another church, please provide the following details:
Name of Church: Date of Baptism:
Name of pastor who baptized you: Church contact information:




Essay Questions
Please answer the following questions in detail. All questions are required, and must be answered in English.
Question 1:How did you become a Christian? How has your life has changed (and is currently changing) since becoming a Christian? (at least 100 words)





Question 2:Why have you decided to apply for this Team? What can you contribute to the Sermon Summary Team or PPT projection?(at least 150 words)





Question 3: How about your english level (listening, writing, etc)? Please be specific. (at least 150 words)





Question 4:What is worship? Please mention scripture to support your answer. (at least 150 words)





Question 5:What is your favorite Bible verse? Why? (at least 150 words)



By submitting this application, I certify that the provided answers
are completely honest and truthful to the best of my knowledge.





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