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The Narrow Gate

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7th August 2011 is another epic time for the Website Editing & Technical Group of the English Fellowship at Haidian Church. Some of us joined the team a bit more than one month ago, and met each other for the first time then. But since, we have not had much opportunity to see each other, apart from God’s leading for us to come across one or two of the team members distantly in the more than one thousand people strong congregation. And indeed, it is time we met to review the past one month plus, in which God has blessed the service by calling so much more people to serve.


Haidian Church building is very huge, and if I may say, complicated. Therefore, the direction to the meeting room is difficult to convey and understand. Even though direction signs had been arranged, we feared that they might not work. However, with the Lord’s help, Sister Katherine-the leader of the volunteer team-and I thought of an idea: why not let someone stand by the gate to give the direction? I voluntarily agreed to take this role.


However, there was another concern. Haidian Church is very huge, and if I may say, miscellaneous. We were afraid of attracting people who were tempted to join us but who had not gone through the process of selection yet. So Sister Katherine made up a secret code that I needed to check to make sure the right person come in. And the code is a question and an answer – I would have to ask, “Who is Kobe?” (I am not so interested in basketball, to be honest.) And the incoming person would have to answer correctly that, “A man who is like a mysterious horse (shénmǎ, which also means “what” in its homophonic pronunciation).” There we go!


road sign


After the service, I went to stand by a gate leading to some staircases, where people would go if they understood our instruction in the first place. However, one minute, two minutes, five minutes passes, still no one came to show their curiosity on the board I held high up with my hands. It was getting embarrassing… But I said to myself that, “you need to be willing to be a fool for God in whatever He calls you to do.” Later, a few girls came up to me intermittently, and I sensed that they were volunteers, so I threw out the question, and they answered right. Having pointed a few people to the right direction, I went up the building myself, and as I was looking for the right room (I actually did not know the exact room myself, shame on me…), I met another two girls who were searching for something. I showed them the board, and they became excited. I struggled for a while if I needed to ask the “stupid” question again, but out of responsibility, I decided, “yes, let our ‘yes’ be ‘yes’! (Matthew 5:33-37)” And they answered me correctly with a smile, too.


This is only a very tiny task I was assigned to. But the challenges I faced are not negligible. Jesus calls us to enter the narrow gate (Matthew 7:13-14). It is indeed a narrow gate, but I am so pleased to praise the Lord for our team, for we have accepted that “Jesus is the way!”



11 August 2011



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