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The Translation Team of Haidian Church English Fellowship is looking for new volunteers.
We welcome brothers and sisters who have gifts on paper translating, oral translating or editing to join us.

1.       简单的自我介绍
2.       请简单阐述你想参与翻译团队哪项服事。

please fill out our online application form and join us, please leave your mobile phone number and email address in the form.
1. Brief self introduction.
2. Briefly express which kind of translation team service is preferred by you.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email englishfellowship@gmail.com or see Sophia Gao.


Haidian Christian Church English Fellowship
Translation Team Application


Basic Information
"Basic Information" may be completed either in English or Chinese.

Chinese Name: Birthday:
    Year         Month        Date
English Name: QQ or MSN:
Sex: Male Female Email address:
Highest level of education: Home Phone:
If "yes", which school? Mobile Phone:
Current Home Address:  




How long have you regularly attended the Haidian Christian Church English Fellowship?
Less than 12 months  12 - 18 months  More than 18 months 
How long do you plan on serving at Haidian Christian Church English Fellowship?
6 months  6 - 12 months  More than 12 months 
Have you been baptized?
Yes, at Haidian Church  Yes, at another church  No, I have not 
If you were baptized at another church, please provide the following details:
Name of Church: Date of Baptism:
Name of pastor who baptized you: Church contact information:




Essay Questions
Please answer the following questions in detail. All questions are required, and must be answered in English.

Question 1: Brief self introduction.






Question 2: Briefly express which kind of translation team service is preferred by you.






By submitting this application, I certify that the provided answers
are completely honest and truthful to the best of my knowledge.




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