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FellowshipRecruiting Volunteers
Do you feel the Call -- English Fellowship volunteers needed Haidian Church English Fellowship aims to serve almighty God , share the God News to all peoples. Our mission for English Fellowship is to spread the glad tidings to all. English...
Author: ziyouPublished on: 2011-08-10 16:16:26 Click: 1539 Comments: More..
FellowshipAdministration Team Application form
Author: 赵姊妹Published on: 2012-04-11 22:53:17 Click: 0 Comments: More..
FellowshipInformation Center Team application form
Author: 赵姊妹Published on: 2012-04-11 22:30:29 Click: 0 Comments: More..
FellowshipTranslation Team Application Team
海淀堂英文团契翻译团队将招募新义工。我们将欢迎有书面翻译、口头翻译和翻译校正等恩赐的弟兄姊妹加入。 TheTranslationTeamofHaidianChurchEnglishFellowshipislooking fornewvolunteers. Wewelcomebroth...
Author: 赵姊妹Published on: 2012-02-23 23:52:23 Click: 120 Comments: More..
FellowshipVideo Team Application
The Video Team of Haidian Church English Fellowship is looking for new volunteers. We are welcome brothers and sisters who have gifts on video shooting or editing to join us. If you are familiarwith one of the following software: After effe...
Author: 赵姊妹Published on: 2012-02-19 11:36:02 Click: 73 Comments: More..
Fellowship2011-08-27 Love flows - BaShang Grassland
TIme: Aug 27 ~ 28, 2011 Place: BaShang Grassland, Hebei province Attendee: volunteers of Chinese English Website , 30+ volunteers, Pastor Wang, Co-worker BaiXiao, Co-worker Zhang Jianjun. click here toChinese Report worship QianSong Bei The...
Author: 赵姊妹Published on: 2011-09-13 20:06:02 Click: 125 Comments: More..
FellowshipAmazing Grace
Amazing grace This is amazing grace of God that we have 20+ volunteers in English Fellowship Website Editing Technical group now, while 2 months ago there were only a few serving in the group. Claire who has been humbly serving for more tha...
Author: 赵姊妹Published on: 2011-08-14 08:35:23 Click: 112 Comments: More..
FellowshipThe Narrow Gate
7 th August 2011 is another epic time for the Website Editing Technical Group of the English Fellowship at Haidian Church . Some of us joined the team a bit more than one month ago, and met each other for the first time then. But since, we...
Author: FranzPublished on: 2011-08-13 19:52:50 Click: 46 Comments: More..
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