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Welcome to our talk time

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Join us at Talk Time !   

Beginning from 2009, Haidian church has organized Talk Time for those who come to Haidian church for the first time, now the program is overwhelmingly welcomed not only by new church comers, but also mature Christian brothers and sisters.
We have captured some of the wonderful moments from the Talk Time last Sunday 21 March 2010. Usually there are four Talk Time sessions for new church comers, one topic for each Sunday:
Topic one: English Fellowship Overview
Topic two: Who is God?
Topic three: Who is Jesus?
Topic four: How do we join God's Family?
Another Talk Time program in Chinese led by Brother Nathanial on the third floor of the church building; and a Bible Study group for those who would like to be baptised after the few months’ Bible systematic study.

                                                                            Brother David 

                                                                   Brother Carlton  

                                                        Brother Bruce 

                                                        Brother Nathanial

                                                            Brother Wu
 Join our Talk Time after English Fellowship (from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm right after our English Fellowship 11:30 am-12:30 pm).  No matter where you are from, Haidian church is our spiritual home for God's children, we are excited to welcome you to worship with us...!    See you next Sunday. 


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