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Serving Team

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“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.”  1 Corinthians 12:4-7


1. Reception Team

There are 180 members on this team, taking care of the reception of each Sunday worship service. The majority of this team have been Christians for a long period of time with a solid foundation of faith, eager to be committed to Christ and serve in His church. On this team, 65 of them are graduates of colleges or universities, eight from professional schools, 24 with senior high school education, 41 with junior high education and 22 with primary education. They are divided into smaller groups, working at different posts, welcoming all that come with warm smiles. In addition, they also serve as communion deacons, welcoming newcomers, taking care of transportation, selling the church newsletter, and many other things. 


2. Visitation Team

When HCC was reopened, visitation was immediately reestablished. In July and October of 2007, the team initiated two new projects: “Visitation of the Historical Witnesses of HCC”, and “Transportation of Seniors for Holy Communion”. Through visitation, Christ’s love has been spreading, and members have been mutually comforted and strengthened. 


3. Sanitation Team

The Sanitary Team is responsible for the hygiene of the church. Seven days a week and especially on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, this team does cleaning maintenance on the church. 


4. Studio Team

The Studio Team is responsible for monitoring the sound system and the video/audio recordings of meetings and events for all the services. 


5. Editorial Team

Founded in 1997, the Editorial Team is responsible for several published works. These include the following:  the weekly issued brochure called the “True Light”, the bi-monthly issued journal named “Haidian Newsletter”, and the yearly issued “Digest of Testimonies”. The Editorial team is also responsible for maintaining the website “True Light”, and for receiving and sending e-mails. 


The “True Light” Editorial Group 

The “True Light” Editorial Group is an in-house communications team of HCC. It is responsible for publishing the preaching content into digests which will be distributed inside the church. From the first issue distributed in 1997, there have been 587 issues published, as of August 8, 2008. 


The main content of “True Light” includes the schedule for the current Sunday and the preaching content of the previous Sunday. In addition, it also contains articles including “Bible Verses of the Week”, “Foundations of Our Faith”, “Devotional Aphorism”, “Devotional Diary”, “Catechism”, “Stories for Spiritual Growth”, “Shelter of the Soul”, and “Weekly Reports”. 


The “True Light” Editorial Group has 29 members in all, including 20 deposition personnel, and nine collations / miscellaneous personnel. 


The production procedure of the “True Light” includes the following: 

Audio recording of preaching; 

Audio file rendering; 

Deposition from audio to hand-written format;

1st and 2nd collation; 

Collation by the preacher;

3rd collation;

Adding contents other than the preaching;

4th collation and type-setting; 

Printing and publishing. 


“Church Newsletter” Editorial Group 

The “Church Newsletter” is a publication prepared and printed by the HCC Editorial Group. By the grace of God, since the first issue in February of 2002, the “Church Newsletter” has gone through an uneasy six year journey. During this period, the “Church Newsletter” evolved from only four to now eight pages. It has also changed in terms of content. From the time of the first few writers until now, the writing team has grown into an active group of communicators in all meeting and gathering locations. In September 2004, the “Church Newsletter” underwent a major modification, with the addition of a greater range of topics including vivid articles and personal testimonies. 


Currently, the “Church Newsletter” is issued bi-monthly with a circulation of 1,500 copies. This publication's main purpose is to provide a platform for Christian fellowship and communication so that brothers and sisters can conveniently share their thoughts and feelings about what they have read in the Bible. Also, members of the church can share their life-experiences walking in God’s power and leading. Church members are able to share personal stories that help and strengthen each other to walk with God. 


The “Church Newsletter” includes the following topics: 

Messages from the Church

Bible Studies

Devotional Garden 

Praise and Testimonies

Letters from Members

Choice Prayers

Book Recommendations

May God’s grace and blessing always be with the team and this publication. Amen!! 


6、Choirs and Vocal Teams

The Choir Teams are responsible for the music in worship on Sundays, and at large events such as Easter and Christmas. HCC holds special events at Easter and Christmas every year and choir singing is one of the most important parts of these events. These special events become a chance for ECC to introduce the gospel message to large audiences. Occasionally some choirs/vocal teams are needed to perform at weddings or funerals. Team members also take part in Bible readings, picnics and other outings activities, which are wonderful times of fellowship. 


The HCC Main Choir

The HCC Main Choir was founded when HCC was reopened in 1983. It is responsible for singing on Sundays, Easter and on Christmas each year. The HCC Main Choir initially performed for only one or two Sunday services but as the church grew, the third service was added. Therefore, between March 2004 and August 2007, the HCC Main Choir performed in all three services. More and more choirs and vocal teams were established, and now the HCC Main Choir performs only during two Sunday morning services. 


In addition, the HCC Main Choir was also responsible for weddings and funerals (a task that is now accomplished by the Song-of-Songs Choir). On September 23, 2000, the HCC Main Choir participated in the “The Glory Given by the LORD” musical event at the “50th Anniversary for the Three-Self Patriotic Movement”. The Choir also took part in the 100th Anniversary of Chongwenmen Church, the Thanksgiving Worships for the inaugurations of Chaoyang Church and HCC. The HCC Main Choir has even participated in other charity events, fund raisings, and exchanges with foreign Christian musical groups. 


The HCC Main Choir is a group of brothers and sisters who are gifted and who have answered God’s call by being willing to serve God wholeheartedly in this singing ministry. Throughout the history of the Choir, the love, power and trustworthiness of God have been experienced by everyone. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father and for the leadership and training by the Pastoral Team. Thanks to all the brothers and sisters who have given countless prayers with much material support. The HCC Main Choir is being perfected day by day, always desiring to follow God’s way, by doing its best both musically and spiritually, to bring glory to our Heavenly Father!! 


The Youth Choir

    Founded in March of 2002, the Youth Choir evolved out of the HCC Praise Team (established in Oct. 2001), which initially presented a praisei worship service once a month. The Youth Choir mainly consists of college students and white-collar young adults, who are an average age of 26. It is one of the youngest service groups at HCC. The Youth Choir’s main responsibility is to serve at the 4th session of each Sunday service, and to participate in the praise worship service of Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and at other festivals. The Youth Choir has recruited many well-trained musicians from professional schools such as The Central Conservatory of Music and the People's Liberation Army Institute of Arts. The Youth Choir has been improving their skills and spiritual growth through integrating various resources. 

The Youth Choir focuses on the spiritual growth of its members and has established service as a foundation of its spiritual pursuit. From the beginning, the choir has also organized different kinds of Bible study classes, with prayer meetings, testimony sharing, and other things to help keep the choir growing in faith. 

The Youth Choir occasionally holds outdoor and indoor gatherings so that they can have fellowship with more Christians and non-believers. Such varied activities have helped the Choir members have more communication with each other, and have facilitated the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ.  


Clear Spring Choir 

The HCC Clear-Spring Choir is a young and energetic choir. The name of the choir communicates a message of “peace and purity”. This choir is under the supervision of Evangelist Yang Leyu and is lead by a couple who used to serve in the HCC Main Choir. 


Founded in July 12, 2007, the Clear Spring Choir started their choir performances on August 5, 2007. The choir is approaching almost 30 people in number. The choir practices are on Sundays at 9:00am – 10:30am, and it then performs at 11:00am – 12:00pm. Later on Sunday afternoons it has Bible study from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, and then it has choir practice again from 2:30pm – 3:00 pm. The Choir also has its own publication called, “Jingles of the Clear Spring”, which serves as a platform for internal communication, the sharing of testimonies, and for musical learning. 


"I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."  Psalm 104:33 

The Clear Spring Choir is brought together by the amazing grace of God. May we all have a heart of thanksgiving, devotion and reverence, in always serving our dearest Lord Jesus Christ!! 


The Morning Rhythm Choir 

Founded in March 2008, the Morning Rhythm Choir is made up of senior members who mostly serve during the first session of the Sunday service (7:00am – 8:00am). Therefore, it is named the Morning Rhythm Choir. 


The Morning Rhythm Choir practices on every Wednesday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. It has a total of about 30 members, and the ages of the members range from 50 to 65. The choir has its own director, pianist, and costume personnel, and everyone serves God and the church enthusiastically. 


HCC Heavenly Song Choir  

The HCC Heavenly Song Choir was initially named “The Hundred People’s Chorus”. It was a praise worship team initiated by the HCC Youth Meeting Group for the inauguration ceremony of HCC's new church building. Since the time of its establishment, it has been responsible for organizing three large musical worship services for the Christmas of 2006, Easter of 2007 and for the Thanksgiving Inauguration Service of July 1, 2007. After the ceremony, The Hundred People’s Chorus was renamed as the HCC Heavenly Song Choir. The choir used to have a small orchestra consisting of both modern electronic and also traditional Chinese musical instruments.  


In order to prepare for the 2007 Evangelical Musical worship service, the HCC Heavenly Song Choir specially organized solo and duet teams, with Christian members who are studying at either the Central Conservatory of Music or the China National Opera House.  


On December 21, 2007, the Heavenly Song Choir participated in the Christmas Musical worship service. In addition to the whole choir singing, the presentation included group chorus singing, duet, solo, poetic recitation, musical instruments, and other performances. Currently the Heavenly Song Choir is divided into two groups: Group I focuses on four-part harmony, and Group II focuses on solo, duet, and group chorus singing. We sincerely welcome all those who are inspired by the Holy Spirit and gifted with musical talents to join us and share with us in this musical ministry! 



Elim Band

Founded in August of 2007, the majority of the members in the Elim Band are graduates from musical schools. The Elim Band has performed in several large events, including the “May God be With You” during the Christmas of 2007, “???” in the 2008 Inauguration ceremony of HCC, and “With God’s Help” in the Christmas of 2008 etc. The Elim Vocal Team is mainly responsible for musical performances at large events. 


To meet the musical requests, the Elim Vocal Team established the Elim Choir. It is organized to perform in youth gatherings and to fulfill the needs of modern music, while keeping classical music as an essential. The Elim Choir training started on September 11, 2008, and is comprised mostly of musical sight reading and vocal technique. In addition, they are planning to add musical appreciation, the history of western music and other topics to their training. 


Song of Songs Choir

In order to improve our ministries and offer better service, HCC established the Song of Songs Choir on January 10, 2008, to perform for special events in the church, such as weddings and memorials. The choir consists of about 30 people, with an average age of 35. The choir practices on Saturday mornings.  


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