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English Worship 2009-11-15

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The service began with Larry introducing the topic of perseverance in suffering. It is indeed important to remember that we should never seek plain sailing in life, but rather trials and tribulations. This is the Christian walk. We were also joined by a speaker from the US who spoke on a similar theme. What is our purpose as a Christian? We are certainly not to follow the ways of this world. Rather, we must seek His perfect purpose, even if that seems at times contrary to the acceptable view of the world. As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, it is appropriate to consider how God has blessed us and give thanks. We ended the service with a call for contributions of food for those less fortunate than ourselves. There is always an opportunity to give to those who are in need, and as Christians we have a duty to do so. Worship was complete with a full choir, a fitting end to a fulsome and blessed service. This left us to contemplate how we can serve His Kingdom in the week ahead and thereby seek His perfect purpose in our lives.


#1 English fellowship choir

#2 Brother Larry Liu





#3 Be Patient in Suffering




#4 Brother Bruce


Author :Benjamin Tait          Edit:Max          Photography:Li Dong

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