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2009-12-13 you raise me up

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As we rapidly near Christmas, the decorations become numerous and the atmosphere increasingly joyous. Another full church on a cold winter’s day. This week’s sermon focused on character: how God uses us despite our weaknesses to further his kingdom. It doesn’t matter whether we’re rich or poor, lowly or mighty, He will use his regardless. Moreover, He will use us despite our sin. Heroes and heroines are both equally entitled to His grace. Looking around the congregation, it was powerful to reflect on the fact that everybody there would be used by God, so long as we remain open to His will and correction. We are all sinners in need of redemption. We are all weak individuals who will inevitably fail in our own efforts. But we are also made one through Christ, made strong through the power of God. History has shown time and time again that weak individuals can achieve extraordinary things through Him. God doesn’t want heroes and heroines; rather He wants loyal people who can be molded by Him. As we enter one of the final weeks of 2009, let’s pause to consider how He might use us as future leaders - weak individuals selected by His anointing, made fit by His grace.


























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