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2009-12-20 Eternal Father in Heaven

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Today was a Sunday like no other. Not only were some new members of Haidian English Fellowship getting baptized: many members of the preacher team were being ordained to become pastors. Praise be to God. Pastor Wu’s sermon focused on God as eternal father. He cares for us and is ever present for us. No matter how we respond to circumstances of life: to success and failure, riches and poverty we can rest assured that God is there for us, providing and ready to serve all of our needs. We celebrate during this season the birth of Christ, and give thanks to our eternal father. Jesus was born into relative poverty, into a lowly position and without fame or fortune. However, through God’s grace and anointing He has given us the privilege of coming to know Him, through His only son. There is no simpler or more powerful message at this time of thanksgiving and praise than this. Glory be unto God. So it is especially important that we do not get wrapped up in the busyness of the festive season but instead focus on God, our eternal father. We closed the service with a welcome song. Judging from the size of the congregation and volume of the singing, it is evident that more people than ever want to know our heavenly, eternal father.
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