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2010-01-10 Prince of Peace

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Prince of Peace 
This Sunday was very special. Pastor Wu gave a powerful sermon on peace. As we continue into the fresh New Year, we should be aware of the importance of having inner peace in our lives. We may have a superficial peace, but it is no substitute for the peace that God provides. Conflict can take many forms: financial pressure, a relationship or even our own hopes and dreams. In the busy rush of our working day, we may even neglect to think of others as better than ourselves. We easily get busy, neglectful and selfish. Therefore, it is vital that we draw close to God and conquer these challenges through His grace.
As we contemplate the rest of 2010, we should move forward in the confidence that God will provide for our needs and enable us to overcome all of those things that could otherwise hold us back. God’s peace is abundant and He wants us to spend our time on this earth in harmony and tranquility.
As the sermon drew to a close and the various activities of the church (which include Talk Time and Bible Studies) started, there was a true sense of peace: an oasis of calm and purpose in the hectic week. Let us heed the Pastor’s words and cultivate the same peace on the other days of the week.



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