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2010-01-17 Jesus, the Bread of Life

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In the few weeks before Spring Festival, we are able to reflect on how we have spent the past year and what the next year holds in store. This Sunday’s sermon focused on Jesus as the bread of life. We may fill our stomachs with food and our time with entertainment and riches, it is only Jesus who can offer us eternal nourishment and satisfy our soul. If we satisfy our hunger with bread then we will soon crave more. It is only through Jesus that we can truly realize satisfaction and purpose.  
In this context, Jesus did two things: he connected with God in a very close way and was thus able to perform miracles. As speaker Bruce noted, He did not only serve wine, he served the best wine. But we should not look at the Feeding of the Five Thousand and other acts as simply amazing feats, rather they illustrate the closeness that Jesus had with God. In this sense, Jesus is not only the bread of life, but also the source of life. There is no better teacher than Him, and no better life purpose than to follow His example. Let us seek fulfillment in the bread of life and enjoy the abundant blessings that God has for us.  

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