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2010-01-24 A Message for His Sheep

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This Sunday’s sermon focused on the role of God as shepherd. He watches over us even though the enemy may seek to pursue and even though many dangers present themselves. But we have a shepherd in Jesus.
God is always attentive to our needs and is there to warn us against those things that seek to destroy life. Although dangers and hostility may seem great, as Christians we should seek the narrow path: one free of greed, envy and selfishness. As well as protecting us, God also provides for us: in the same way that the shepherd ensures that his flock can find green pasture. We will never want for anything if we follow Him.
Speaker Larry also noted that God knows what is best for us. We may think that we are intelligent or wise, but these traits are nothing when compared with God’s knowledge. His wisdom is supreme. At the end of the service, we closed with songs of thanksgiving and Talk Time – a program which has been very effective in introducing the gospel to new Christians.
As this year draws to a close, we can reflect on which path we are treading and seek with renewed commitment His love and grace.



Summary by Ben


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