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2010-01-31 Jesus the Comforter

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On this, the final day of January, we enjoyed a joyous worship session, with the whole congregation focused on lifting their praises up to Him. This was followed by a sermon by Pastor Wu on the subject of God as our haven. This continues the theme from last week: that God protects and cares for us, amidst the turbulence and danger presented by the world. In Him we can always seek refuge and know that there is no fear – He gives us counsel and guidance and will never allow us to fall.
Although we sin and turn away from God every day, He extends grace to us and will always persevere in love and faithfulness. Thus we should not be intimidated by the perils of this world but instead revel in the security and peace that the Lord provides. To echo the sentiment off the worship songs; we should place our trust in Him and serve Him, for He is the source of comfort and strength. As we move forward into February, with its chaos and upheaval, let’s remember the peace provided by Jesus and seek His security above all else.



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