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2010-02-21 I Am the True Vine

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With Chinese Spring Festival (Chun Jie) a fresh memory and a new year ahead of us, it seemed fitting that we could enjoy a sermon on the subject of bearing fruit, delivered by Pastor Wang.


This Sunday we were able to reflect on the true meaning of the New Year. As Christians, we should strive to bear fruit as members of the body of Christ. It is by staying close to God and Jesus our redeemer that we can bear fruits and allow others to realize God’s grace and mercy through us. 

Although life is full of temptation and trials abound, we can rest assured that Jesus is our comforter and has a plan for us. Let us be faithful in our service and diligent in prayer so that we can be sure to bear fruits and have a genuine identity as followers of Christ. As we enjoyed a stirring closing worship song we were left to contemplate how God draws people to Beijing Haidian church and allows them to serve.


There are opportunities to play in the worship team and in other areas of the service. May we actively look for ways to bear fruits in Christ in the Year of the Tiger.


Summary by Ben                                 
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