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2010-02-28 Let's Talk About Love

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The service opened with, as always a Spirit led worship set, led by the fitting “Your Love”. Indeed, this Sunday’s message focused around true love – what does it constitutes and how can we express it to others.
Cathy delivered a perceptive and informed sermon, noting that ‘love’ is often misconstrued and its meaning changed time after time. A good example of this is Valentine’s Day: although it should be a celebration of romantic love, it has become a highly commercialized festival: an opportunity for companies to make money by selling merchandise. Let us focus again on the real meaning of love: romantic, platonic and agape love and as Christians live out a life of Love and Light.
Although it is difficult to discern which is true love and which is affected love in a society where we are inundated with conflicting images and standards, we can still strive for the perfect love that comes from God. The hard headed and pragmatic modern thinking dictates that we should cooperated only when it is only in our best interests. Let us not always adopt that thinking.
There are many examples of Jesus acting out of pure, selfless love. May we instead guard our hearts and ensure that we do not always expect a reward on this earth, but instead act out of expectation of God’s mercy and blessing. Praise be to God for His abundant grace and love on this Earth.



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