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2010-03-07 Doubting and Believing

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Following the Spring Festival, it was once again a full house with a large congregation eager to give thanks for blessings and grace. The service opened with a stirring worship and opportunity to give thanks to our God.
Kathy delivered a sermon about faith: coming to know what is true. Indeed, seeing is not believing. Rather, there are intangible things which we come to know about through questioning and reason. Doubting is part of the process via which we can arrive at the truth. In our walk with God, we are certain to encounter doubt: either about God’s existence or his nature. This shouldn’t be ignored but instead embraced. Ours should not be a mindless, unquestioning faith. Rather, it is a sign of understanding when we express doubt about something.
God’s existence is not always easily conceivable through our worldly eyes. And His love is beyond our comprehension. Yet He provides glimpses which we are privileged enough to enjoy on this earth. This Spring, let’s commit ourselves anew to challenging our faith, and thereby reinforce our understanding of our perfect creator.
With Talk Time in full swing and extensive literature, we can ask questions, examine our thinking and gain new insights into His perfect love.



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