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2010-03-14 Hearing and Doing

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We can take inspiration from the worship team. Indeed, there are many ways in which to serve at the church and put into practice the principles introduced during this Sunday’s sermon.  


Opportunities to volunteer at Haidian English Fellowship include serving as a singer or musician on the worship team. Details are available on the website. It is also possible to join the ushering team – helping to welcome people and guide newcomers. Let us look forward to opportunities and ways to be active believers in this coming week.


Summary by Ben

 During a rousing worship, we were able to give praise to God on yet another snowy Sunday morning. The sermon focused on the difference between faith and action. How do we know as Christians what we should listen to and what we should do? The Bible underlines the importance of not only listening intently to Jesus’ instruction but also acting upon it. Pastor Wang was able to outline this important Biblical principle and provide practical examples to illustrate. Let us be diligent in acting and pouring out God’s love – indeed our lives should be a testament to God working in our lives.
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