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2010-03-21 Jesus' Long Journey

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We Shall Not Walk Alone
As the year marches on and we look forward to April and we can find solace in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Sunday morning English fellowship is an opportunity to rest after the week and give thanks to the Father for all He has done for us.
Visiting pastor Richard. J. Mouw delivered an inspiring sermon focusing on our fellowship with Jesus and that we should never feel alone or excluded from walking with Jesus. In our darkest moments and loneliest times, we can rest assured that He is with us. He not only walks with us, but can also relate to the greatest challenges in our lives. The pastor also noted that we can be sure that the end is happy. Even though we may feel anxious or uncertain about our future, God has already written the final chapter. We can then focus on Him to help us and walk with us through our worldly trials. So as we go about our work, study and other activities in Beijing, may we keep our gaze fixed on Him and enjoy His heavenly presence in even our most difficult times. We are never alone, we are with Jesus.
Following the sermon, we enjoyed a closing worship song and welcome for new comers to the church. Talk Time continues, now with a Chinese version. There is also opportunity for regular attendees: the praise team is looking for those with musical ability to join them. Praise be to God for drawing us to Him.














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