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2010-03-28 The Holy Spirit Will Come Upon You

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Haidian Third Year Anniversary



This Sunday saw the confluence of two important events: Palm Sunday and the church’s third birthday. It was truly a blessed day as visitors and attendees young and old gathered to celebrate this landmark in the church’s history.
The three years was firstly marked by a video compiled especially to show Jesus’ faithfulness. “I Am With You” was a fitting theme – may we reflect on His faithfulness in the fourth year of this Fellowship. Pastor Wu then gave an inspiring sermon about how the English Fellowship came about. He felt led to start an English service, despite not being a native speaker and somewhat unsure about the promise laid in front of him. Since then, however the fellowship has gained both in terms of congregation and number of ministers. It has brought together many from different countries and provinces to come together under one worship in one voice and one spirit. Pastor Wu’s story of how the fellowship has grown is truly inspiring. If we faithfully fulfill God’s commission then He will surely bless us and all of our endeavors. The Haidian Fellowship is a testament of God’s faithfulness to those who place their hope in Him.
The congregation is so numerous now that it spilled out into the reception area, with those outside able to view the sermon on the TV screens. But of course it wasn’t simply the Third Anniversary. We were also celebrating Easter. This week is Passion Week, with a change of schedule for the week’s activities to reflect the significance of Jesus’ resurrection. May we reflect on the year so far and consider how we can realize Jesus’ grace in our lives and share His love with others. It may also be an opportunity to serve the Fellowship in the usher team or worship team, and thereby be part of this exciting development in God’s Kingdom.


  Summary by Ben


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