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2010-04-04 The Power of Resurrection

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This Sunday saw the celebration of our risen savior: Jesus Christ. Larry said it simply: He Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed! He works through our lives and through our communities. Haidian English Fellowship has been growing for three years, manifesting His grace through its ministry to Haidian district and elsewhere in China. We must, for example retain the current drought in our prayers and continue to find ways to support those in Sichuan Province. God works through every situation and we are lucky enough to be part of His plan.
At Haidian English Fellowship there are many others expressions of His love and peace. This Easter sees a display of eggs painted with images of His love and mercy, which were distributed to members of the congregation. It was obvious in the light and color of the church’s interior that this was a special day.
Pastor Wang gave a sermon encouraging us to find the real Jesus: He who challenged the status quo, He who allowed us to stop worrying and start hoping, He who died and rose again. This was the living Savior, standing shoulder to shoulder with ordinary people and speaking the truth to the corrupt world He saw around Him. In this torn world, we are in need now more than ever a savior.
Let us praise Him and seek His direction in our lives: whether drawn to Beijing or soon to leave. There are many ways to serve and share His love to those around us: on a large scale by seeking opportunities to serve within our own countries and other areas of China. Within the church, there is a need for support in both the usher and vocal teams. Grab an application form today!
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