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2010-04-11 Come, Follow Jesus

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This Sunday’s sermon was truly blessed. As we reflect on Easter and what is of eternal importance, we can also reflect on what is of temporary importance. As we work hard during the week, we can consider how this relates to out eternal purpose. Whist God does want us to be diligent and work to provide for ourselves, we should always maintain a heavenly perspective. If we only pursue worldly wealth: money, fame and acceptance on Earth, then we will surely miss the plan that He is in store for us.  
David exhorted us also to seek His plan and perspective for our lives. We should always be secure in the knowledge that He will provide for us, though He wants us to seek Him first and foremost. If we seek security in material possessions then we are sure to be disappointed: simply because they can be taken away from us in an instant. David related how he had sought to conform with society’s expectations and built his life around material acquisition, only to be prompted by God to seek Him. In fact, God took all that he had acquired and it went up in flames. Of course, this was difficult at the time, since we are expected by society to cling onto our material possessions. However, heaven asks us to relinquish them and rely on Him. We should be servants of His Heavenly Kingdom and not of our worldly ambition or a simple desire to increase our status.
As we took Holy Communion, we were able to appreciate once again the wonderful calling which has been made known to us. It is truly amazing that, despite our sins and rebellions, God has chosen to embrace us and draw us near to Him. Praise be to God!




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