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2010-04-25 Wants and Needs

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Since our church is located in Beijing, the heart of China, we are fortunate enough to hear the experiences from speakers from many different locations and backgrounds. This Sunday we welcomed Pastor Gu, who is from Taiwan and the US.



Picture: Pastor Gu


Following a lively worship, we were able to reflect and hear what she had to say. The sermon focused on what it means to want things. As Christians, it is easy to get caught up in worldly wants: whether it is fame, fortune or material success. Yet we don’t always wish for the things that are good for us. Pastor Gu was able to bless the congregation with a sermon that came straight from her heart.



The speaker illustrated this well through a story: we can be miserable because we wish to have something, only to find out that others who have that thing we wish for are equally unhappy. We must focus always on Jesus and realize that our Father God has what is best for us: we will want for nothing.  May we always retain the heavenly perspective that enables us to live with peace and joy and not in bondage to material possessions or temporary security.



As we closed with the Welcome Song, we were able to commit ourselves once again to a life of Christian service, safe in the knowledge that God loves us so much that he blesses us with eternal life. That surely is the greatest gift we could wish for.




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