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2010-05-30 God's Perfect Love

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Haidian English Fellowship is a very special place that attracts Christians from all over the world. As people leave and return to Beijing they bring with them knowledge and insights about God’s wonderful creation and the body of Christ.
On this the last Sunday in May brothers and sisters came en masse and the sanctuary was full of people looking forward to hearing God’s Word. Having taken part in a very special worship, the congregation was ready to learn from God’s Word and benefit from the teaching of a visitor to Haidian English Fellowship.
Picture: Dr.Josh McDowell
This week we enjoyed a wonderful message from American Christian speaker Dr.Josh McDowell on the subject of fatherly love. Not only did he explain the concept in a Biblical context but also in the context of modern society. A stable father figure is important for nurturing a child’s development and ensuring emotional stability.
Let us reflect on his love message as we continue on our Christian walk and ensure that we rest in Him above all else. We can also think of ways to apply Biblical principles and God’s perfect love into our lives. May we always crave this wonderful love and the balance it can bring in our lives. Praise be to God.

Summary by Ben 

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