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2010-06-13 Praise Jesus Our Lord

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By Pastor Wu
13 June 2010 Sunday
This week we were able to enjoy a simple worship service which focused on God’s goodness and faithfulness. Although many regular church goers were obliged to work this Sunday, the church was filled with the Holy Spirit and overflowing with grace. Pastor Wu led the congregation in a reflection on the importance of praising God – enabling us to realize His power in contrast with our limitation and His goodness in contrast with our pride.
Considering the pace of modern life, I am struck by the ease with which worldly distraction creeps into our lives. So it is all the more important to focus on Him every day. Although right now some people may congregate in bars and living rooms to watch World Cup group games for a matter of weeks we can still reflect on God’s faithfulness for ever!  His grace is not a fleeting spectacle but an ever present reality in our world.
As we humble ourselves and put our pride aside we are able to realize His grace in our lives and see it at work in situations where there is hurt and pain – both in China and elsewhere in the world. Having reflected on God’s might and power, we (were) are able to savor His forgiveness and mercy through Communion. May we continue to live in the knowledge of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.
The church volunteers and others were able to pray following the service during the new prayer ministry – those seeking prayer please listen out during the announcements for this.



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