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2010-07-04 Welcoming the Strangers

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Speaker Cathy shared her memory of spending time at her grandma's home at the foot of a mountain when she was young. Even though her grandma was often alone, she always welcomed the strangers that were passing by on the way through the passage way to the other side of the mountain.


But today, we face a global world. We are all strangers in a new place at some time in our life. Many times we feel reluctant to welcome strangers because we are afraid of whom they might be, and sometimes we are the strangers in a strange new place. The question today is how can we welcome the strangers in our lives?


Just as Abraham served as a good example to welcome strangers, we also are instructed in the Bible that we should welcome the strangers among us just as if they are citizens with us.  We are also reminded to welcome one-another just as Christ has welcomed us.



The Good Samaritan is a strong example of somebody that took care of a person that was a stranger to him. When he could have continued walking by the man on the road, he stopped and helped the man that had been robbed and striped of his clothes. A Samaritan, a man which normally would have been viewed as the enemy, is the one that rescued the man that was robbed.


The parables that Jesus told, like the Good Samaritan, always challenge our common knowledge or conventional thinking. Instead of pushing away, or trying to run from the strangers, we need to challenge that thinking and remember how Jesus welcomed all strangers to come to him.


Compassion and love are bonds that can unite us as Christians, especially as we welcome the strangers in our lives.


Summary by Bruce      

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