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2010-07-11 House and Altar

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    By Pastor Wu
11 July 2010 Sunday



When people buy a home they typically want to do a few things. They may want to buy beautiful paint to make their home attractive and cozy. They may want to buy nice furniture to make their home comfortable. They may even buy nice electronic equipment to have a beautiful entertainment system in their new home.
When Abram (Abraham) was moving from the land of his fathers’ he always did two things; first, he would pitch his tent, second, he would build an Altar to God.
God had called Abram to leave his country, the land of his people, his father’s house and go to a place that God would show to him. He didn’t even know exactly where he was going at first, but God would show him where it is. So Abram didn’t hesitate, he called his household together and told them to prepare to go to the land God had promised to show them.
Abram understood that it was not only important to pitch their tent, but also to build an Altar for his entire household to call upon the name of God. Abram knew it was important to seek the face of God every day. They could pray to God to seek his will, and to ask for his protection.
Just as Abram did, we can build a physical altar in our home to have a place to call on God every day. We can write the words of the Bible in important places in our home and on the doorframe of our home.  But most importantly, just like Abram, we can go directly to God in prayer. We can seek his face, seek his will, and seek his protection for our family. 






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