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2010-07-25 A Firm Foundation

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This Sunday was truly a special day, with over sixty visitors from Jiangsu province sitting in on the morning’s service. It is always pleasant to host visitors at Haidian English Fellowship. Having enjoyed a joyful and lively worship session, the congregation was able to enjoy this week’s teaching. Pastor Wu delivered a moving sermon about the foundation of Christian life. What is it in fact to be a Christian living in the Twenty First Century?
Well, it hasn’t changed. It is the same as it has always been. It may be said that there is more pressure to conform to certain standards and expectations. Particularly in Beijing, there is a lot of pressure for us to live a full and busy life, with high material expectations. We should beware, however and be sure that we do not simply follow popular trends. Ultimately, we should see Jesus Christ and His sacrifice as the foundation of our lives. This is the only thing that will stand the test of time and the only way in which we can be sure to find redemption from our sins. In the excitement and pressure of modern life, let us not lose sight of the most precious gifts of all: eternal life and God’s unique and awe-inspiring grace. Let us not be strangers to each other or to Christ, but let us rather cultivate a daily devotion to Him and serving each other.
One practical way in which we may serve is through by joining the usher and worship teams. Those interested should contact Jessica Wang or see the relevant section of the Church website.


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