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2010-08-15 When God does not Answer

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As we seek to reach out the community, it is always nice to see people come to church with their friends and family. Curiosity about the Word of God abounds and can be witnessed in the full church. But Christianity is not always ‘a bed of roses’. In life, there are still difficult times as well as good, no matter whether a believer or not. The key difference is as a believer God is by your side to help and support you.



This week‘s sermon focused squarely on the theme of disappointment: what happens when God doesn’t answer our prayers. Speaker Perry gave a very comprehensive overview of Habakuk, who prayer earnestly and did not receive a response from God for a long time. Rather than becoming despondent, however, he became more determined and instead ‘pushed into’ God to find answers where previously there were none. What power there is in prayer! Eventually, he received an answer and was able to proclaim God’s goodness.  


Perry then related his own story of loss and how he struggled to come to terms with adversity in his own life. Nonetheless, he kept on praying ,  pursuing and seeking God’s face and this proved to be the anchor in the storm. God uses adversity – difficulties in our lives – to teach us and refine us. He may be deferring a small answer for a much bigger answer in the future. Or He may simply want something different for us.


As a father would know not to give his child too much candy, so our Heavenly Father does not want us to suffer from unhealthy excess and knows to answer our prayers and not grant our wishes. So let us look forward to the next trial, in the faith that God will sustain us.  Amen. 


 Summary by Ben          


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