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2011-07-24 He Is Worthy

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Part I Pastor Jessica Wang
Part II 4 Witnesses
24 Jul 2011 Sunday




Worship song: Psalm 18, The Lord is My Deliverer




Verse 1 I will give thanks to the Lord,
and shout the praises of His Name!
The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress
and Deliverer, the Shield
and Horn of my Salvation!
Chorus The Lord He Lives!
And blessed be my Rock!
Exalted be the God of my Salvation!
Verse 2 The Lord He delivers me,
from my enemies,
Oh, Lord, who is God but Thee?
The Lord has rewarded me,
and kept me from iniquity,
Oh, Lord, there is no God but Thee!
Verse 1 CN 我 要 称 谢 我 救 主!
wo yao cheng xie wo jiu zhu
我 要 赞 美 祂 的 圣 名!
wo yao zan mei ta di sheng ming
主 是 我 磐 石,
zhu shi wo pan shi,
是 我 山 寨 和 盾 牌,
shi wo shan zhai he dun pai
是 我 大 能 的 救 主!
shi wo da neng di jiu zhu
Chorus CN 永 活 的 主! 荣 耀 的 磐 石!
yong huo di zhu rong yao di pan shi
我 高 举 祢 名
wo gao ju ni ming
奇 妙 救 主 我 的 神!
qi miao jiu zhu wo di shen
Verse 2 CN 哦, 主 祢 拯 救 我,
o zhu ni zheng jiu wo
脱 离 我 仇 敌, 哦, 主
tuo li wo chou di, o zhu
有 谁 能 像 祢?
you shui neng xiang ni
哦 主 祢 已 祝 福 我,
o zhu ni yi zhu fu wo
保 守 我 脱 离 罪 恶, 哦, 主
bao shou wo tuo li zui e, o zhu
有 谁 能 像 祢!
you shui neng xiang ni



Scripture Reading: John 12:1-8

12:1 Six days before the Passover, Jesus arrived at Bethany, where Lazarus lived, whom Jesus had raised from the dead.
12:2 Here a dinner was given in Jesus’ honour. Martha served, while Lazarus was among those reclining at the table with him.
12:3 Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.
12:4 But one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was later to betray him, objected,
12:5 “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year’s wages.”
12:6 He did not say this because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief; as keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself to what was put into it.
12:7 “Leave her alone,” Jesus replied. “It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial.
12:8 You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.”



Sermon by Pastor Jessica Wang

My dear brothers and sisters, I am very happy to stand here and to share God’s Word with you. Before I share, let’s bow down and pray together:

Dear Lord, our heavenly Father. We know that you are worthy, you are worthy of all the glory, all the honour and all the praises because you are almighty God, everlasting God and powerful God, because you created all things, life is in you and we belong to you. God, today we come in front of you, we want to worship you, we want to get to know you more, and we want your Holy Spirit to touch our hearts. Let us know how we can honour you with our daily life. Lord, I want to lift up all my brothers and sisters here in your hands, and we wish that you would be with us, and you would speak to us, and the Holy Spirit would work in our hearts. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

The first day of this year, my younger brother and I went to Tianjin to visit my elder brother, who worked there. We know it is very convenient to travel from Beijing to Tianjin by the train, but it is not very convenient to travel to the North Rail Station of Beijing, and to the train station near where my brother stayed in Tianjin. So, on that holiday, it spent us about 5 hours to go and forward, and it spent us about 300 RMB. We stayed with our elder brother for about two hours, and had a wonderful dinner on that day. Maybe some people will think, “It does not worth because we just spent a very short time.” But in my mind, I thought it was very worthy, it is worthy all the money, all the time and all the travel to be with each other, to be with my brother. To honour my elder brother is worthy more than the costs.

Dear brothers and sisters, today, as we were singing, we knew that Jesus Christ is almighty God, everlasting God, He is the creator, and our saviour. How do we honour Jesus in our daily life? Because He is worthy no matter what the costs are. Today, we are going to continue John chapter 12, verse 1 to 8. John chapter 12 records the last week of Jesus in the town of Bethany. And there are lessons that teaches us to find that there are these two different kinds of people who responded to Jesus at the last week. One group of people who honour Jesus, using different ways they can, trying their best to honour Jesus, to show their love to Jesus. But there is another group of people, who deny Jesus, who try their best to kill Jesus, to betray Jesus. John chapter 12 verse 1 to 8 tell us that the dinner was given in the honour of Jesus. There, Martha was serving, Lazarus was a living witness of the living God Jesus Christ. And Mary honoured Jesus with a very expensive performance. So in our opinion, we think they all did great things. They all used different ways to serve Jesus, to love Jesus and to honour Jesus. But to our shock, we found there was another different voice coming out. It is one of His disciples, Judas asked, “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor?” So Mary was criticised because of her shocking actions.

Dear brothers and sisters, today, I want to share with you that, why there are so many people who try their best to honour Jesus, to show their love to Jesus, why there are some people, who do not know Jesus, they deny Jesus they try to kill Jesus, and even, they use wonderful excuses. From the beginning of this gospel, we know that our Lord is God, and He is with God, and all things are created by Him, and He came to the place, where He created to be. But some people do not accept Him, and people who accept Him, believe in Him, and they will be the children of our God. So it rebukes us that, Jesus, our Lord, is worthy of all the worship, worthy of all the things, and worthy of all the glory. But I want you to know why, I want to encourage you how we can honour Jesus in our daily life. And also, I want us to understand why there is criticism from other people, why when you honour Jesus, why when you offer yourselves to honour Jesus Christ, some people criticise you.

Dear brothers and sisters, I ask you to think about this. And I will invite Pastor Mike, to share why our Lord is worthy, and to share how we can honour Lord Jesus Christ in our daily life. We are so happy today that we have invited a group of people from the states. Actually, they are teachers on the campus of VLS (Vacation Language School), a campus to teach kids to study English and also to teach them to get to know Jesus. And it is an honour us to have them here. Now, I will invite Pastor Mike to share why Jesus is worthy of all glory, how can we honour our God in our daily life.


Witness 1 by Pastor Mike:  8'30'' - 16'35''

What a privilege to come before you today, to share not only God’s work in our own life, but also that God is going all over the world through missions. You know, we just moved. Last time I was here, I was in South Carolina, in a fairly large church. And now, I am in a very small church, which is a new church plant. And I will ask you to pray for us as we have a church in Florida. In fact, there are more people in this small section than our whole church. So it is a small church, but God is blessing and using us; I often say, you cannot go and be a missionary across the sea unless you are a missionary across the street. So we must reach out to our neighbours. So I deal with every day life and what God has called us to in every day life. I realize that the gospel, as it goes our through my life, cannot help but grow, grow and grow.  




I have a few slides that I want to show today, to show a little bit about what God is doing not just here in China, but in some other countries as well. So my texts today is actually from Colossians chapters 1, and I am going to be short as there are some other men who are going to share as well.

You know that is our thought here with Haidian Church. We have been working with Haidian for the last two years at the Vacation Language School here in Beijing, and God has honoured that I believe. There are ninety children represented from this church alone. Not just ninety children, but many many helpers and translators that have become good friends of ours just over a week. So

Colossians 1:3-6 We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all God’s people/the saints. 5 the faith and love that spring from the hope stored up for you in heaven and about which you have already heard in the true message of the gospel 6 that has come to you. In the same way, the gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world—just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood God’s grace. (the Bible version Pastor Mike read from is a different version from this one)”

What happens is that when the gospel goes out, it cannot help but to bear fruit. When the gospel goes out, it changes our everyday life; when the gospel goes out, it changes our eternal destinies; when the gospel goes out, it changes us from inside out, and we cannot help but bear fruit. And as the gospel goes out in different countries, what we see is it is constantly bearing fruit and it is constantly growing. There is no doubt that the church in China is growing, because the gospel is going out, the good news about Jesus Christ is going out. There is nothing inwardly about ourselves that we can do to save ourselves, but that God left heaven and became a man, lived a perfect life and died on our behalf. And by faith, when we trust that gospel, the good news, that it changes us.

       I want to talk about two countries that are very near to my heart. The first is in Africa. I am not sure if we had the slide… yeah. This is one of my favourite places in the whole world; this is a village called Templegate. And in Africa, there are many many problems there that are related to the gospel. It is not difficult, it is not difficult to get some one to believe in the gospel, and to pray about Jesus; it is not difficult to ask them to pray, to abort their idols or bow their knee, but it is very difficult to get them to believe in Christ alone. So the children represented in Africa have many difficult questions ahead of them. They have witchcraft, animism, ancestral worship; they have poverty. And what we see is that they more we are in Africa, the more God is changing those children. On the other side, we have the country of Ukraine. Here you see a church in Ukraine. The churches in Ukraine are much different from the churches in Africa. The churches in Ukraine, in fact, we were here just a few minutes ago and you started clapping. I was excited, it reminded me more of Africa than it did of Ukraine. In Ukraine, you would never clap in a church, you will never raise your hands. They have a very different style of worship. So I went in Ukraine one Sunday, and I was preaching in this church on the screen. And as I was preaching, there were probably about 3 000 people in this church, and certainly, no body raised their hands, nobody danced, nobody clapped. But the worship was tremendous! The string and the voice was not like any I had ever heard before. So the next week I go to Africa, and I go to a small village in Africa. And there are only a few seats, and they are all at the back, and the open floor is right down here (the stage). And I think, “why did they do this? Why did they set this up this way?” because everyone was cramped at the back. But as the music started, soon every body got out of their seats, and it just became a huge dance floor. So I am laughing, and one of the pastors said, “Mike, why are you laughing?” And I said that last week, I was in Ukraine, and nobody danced, nobody clapped. And the pastor raised his hands, he said, “well then, how do they worship?” So next year, I went back to Ukraine, and I showed them a video of an African service, and the pastor said, “oh Mike, they clap and they dance in the service, how do they worship?”

       You see, when the gospel goes out, it transcends even the culture. It goes through. So the Chinese church does not look like the African church, and it should not look like the African church. The Ukraine church does not like the Chinese church, and it should not look like the Chinese church. And yet, the gospel is still the same! In the everyday life, people share with their neighbours, and they share with their friends, and they are together to worship just like you are, they share the Lord’s Supper, and they baptize new believers, and they are growing in their faith. And I want to tell you because I do not know how much you know, the gospel is going out throughout the world! You are not alone. There are a great host of people, who are believing in Jesus Christ today, who are your brothers and sisters all over the world, who do not look like you, and they do not look like me. But the gospel transcends all the cultures, so that with one voice, with one name, we would honour the One who is worthy to be honoured. And that is Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. So I encourage you today, as you hear from other countries what God is doing, I encourage you that you are a part of the work God is doing throughout the world as He brings the gospel to all nations and all men so that every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven, on the earth and under the earth; and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father, Amen!



Witness 2:  16'36'' - 23'30''

Good morning, it is an honour and a privilege to stand here before you. The Spirit is moving, God is blessing the Christian church in China. God is also blessing the church where Pastor Mike has been ministering in Africa and Ukraine. The Spirit is also moving at the place where we minister to Christians, and that is in the Philippines. One of the distinctive of what we do in the Philippine Christian church is that we study scripture and we memorise scripture. And we do not study and memorise scripture just for head-knowledge, just so that we know more about God. We study and memorise scripture so we know who He is and what He expects from us.  

For those of you who have your Bible with you, if you would turn to 2 Timothy, and we look at the third chapter and verse 16 and 17. This is the reason we study and memorise scripture as one of the distinctive in the Philippines because

2 Timothy 3:16-17 all scripture is inspired by God, and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training, for righteousness, that men of God (and women of God), may be adequate, equipped for every good work”.

So we study scripture, not just to have knowledge, but so that we become equipped for every good work. We are not saved by good works, but we are saved for good works in Christ.  

One of the good works we try to do in the Philippines is ministry to the poor. The Philippines are a very poor country. In fact, so poor that many young children, are unable to attend school because they do not have a shoe to wear to go to school. So we try to help provide shoes. Some of the children come from such poor circumstances that they are unable to pay the small amount of money required to eat lunch at school. So they would go to school without lunch, and probably without breakfast, hungry, but in school. So we try to provide for those needs when we can. But the need is so great, that if we depend only on our own resources, we would fail. We are totally inadequate to meet those kinds of need.  

So who should do that? Who can meet these needs? These needs of a whole person? Yes, we study scripture, we memorise scripture, but we do that, we serve others so that we know how that works. And God has the resources, God is adequate, but we are inadequate. God has all the time, all the finances, all the resources, He owns all things. This is His creation! We are simply stewards. This is a trust to us. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are required to use the things that God has given us in a way that will help His people and would glorify Him. So one of the things we do in order to accomplish something in saying is we cover all this in prayer.  

We will read Philippians, chapter 4, verses 6 and 7. This is an encouragement to all Christians who feel that the life is overwhelming, they see so much poverty, they see so much hurt, and I will refer to your worship leader, today I really appreciate what he said that some people were in such circumstances that they could barely see the light of the day; that is so overwhelming. Whatever it is, let it be illness, or spiritual welfare or emotional issues, or whether that is just the poverty we see when we are unable to help as much as we would like. But we are encouraged in Philippians,

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by PRAYER and petition, with THANKSGIVING, present your requests to God.”.

And what is the promise then? It says,

Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

So do not try to do it on your own, do not try to figure it out, because something are just too wonderful to figure out, too wonderful.  

I thank God whenever I think of you, always offering prayers, with joy for our friendship, and our common bond in Christ Jesus. There is one psalm that really touches my heart, and I am going to close with that. It is psalm 67, it is a call to all Christians to serve outside our own comfort zone, to share our blessings with all others. You have been blessed, China is being blessed, many good things are happening in China.

Psalm 67

1 May God be gracious to us and bless us

and make his face shine upon us, Selah

2 that your ways may be known on earth,

your salvation among all nations.

3 May the peoples praise you, O God;

may all the peoples praise you.

4 May the nations be glad and sing for joy,

for you rule the peoples justly

and guide the nations of the earth. Selah

5 May the peoples praise you, O God;

may all the peoples praise you.

6 Then the land will yield its harvest,

and God, our God, will bless us.

7 God will bless us,

and all the ends of the earth will fear him.



Witness 3:  23'33'' - 28'33''


Good morning, I am bringing you greetings from the various churches in Saint Helena, Beaufort, South Carolina. The church is about 300 years old. And the same God that lived then, lives now. We have a big God and a great God in this country and this world, and He loves every single one of us, and helps us in every single way everyday. The scripture I want to share with you about the Lord today is:

Acts 2:42-47 42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43 Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. 46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

As we come to China, brining the English language class that uses the Bible as a model to teach by, we see that many people are being saved everyday, we see that a number of people who fill this sanctuary here today. And we see the way you Christians care for others in the community. We can almost pick out Christians in China by the way they move out of the way and help other people along the street.  

In our church in the United States, we try to do a similar thing, and our God has given us a great commitment to baptise people in all nations in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has also told us to do that from Jerusalem to the corners of the world. At home, many think we have come to the corners of the world by coming to China. But at home, we also feel that the mission field starts right outside the door of the church. Three blocks down from the church in our community is a park where on Friday evenings we have a worship service and share a meal with people who are less fortunate in our community, and who need medical needs, and who need Christ in their lives in order to overcome many of their afflictions. So we start there. But not only do we have adults, and youths coming to China, we have adults and youths in our church to go to other states, like Petersburg where they have a youth ministry there, they go to Cincinnati in Ohio and have a youth ministry there. There are also many foreigners who come to our country, many Spanish in our community who serve as migrant workers to make the field, walk around in the field and keep in the field. So they did ministry to also youths in our church, ministering to them. They share their bread with them, they take their allowances, whatever free money they have, and help buy those foods to share with other people there.  

And we have mission in the middle of Africa, Mike talked about going to the south of Africa a few minutes ago, we have mission going to Uganda, the middle of Uganda, where only 5% of the country is electrified. So a bishop in our church takes a team every summer to Uganda to build all these solar panels, churches, not quite as large as this one, schools, hospitals and small African huts, so people could have light, so they could read. One of the things they read is the Bible, so that they could know God. So we are taking the light to the dark country so that they may have light in their lives and know Jesus Christ.  

And so we have come on this mission here, to China, to really live out the book of Acts. And this last sentence of this passage where “praising God and having favour with people, and the Lord added to their number day by day”, and we thank God that God is adding to your number everyday also. So thank you, may God bless everyone of you!



Witness 4 by Drew:  28'34'' - 36'26''


I was going to say, “Good Morning”, but I think it is after twelve, so I say, “Good Afternoon”. My Name is Drew, and I met a pastor of you in South Carolina in the United States. And I was asked to share just a little bit about mission and what we do as a church, Community Bible Church, which is our church in the United States. So I want to talk a little bit about how we honor God through missions. I have a little bit of a unique prospective on missions because I grew up on the mission field in France. My father is a pastor and a church planter, and my parents have been over there for almost 30 years, pastoring the French people and starting churches in the country of France. And so, I got to see first hand from the time when I was very little what it means to be a missionary. And as we traveled around when we came back to the US, there was this common question that my father was asked time and time again. That question was,

“Why are you a missionary? Why did you go the France? What made you to decide to become a missionary?” 

And often times at the Community Bible Church would ask us the same questions,

“Why do you go to Ukraine? Why do you go to South Africa? What do you support so many missionaries?” 

And the answer really is simple, the answer that my father gives, and the answer that I give when people ask me that question is, “Because Jesus sent me. Jesus sent me and Jesus told me to be a missionary.” 

If you look at your Bible in John chapter 17 verse 18, when Jesus was saying a prayer for His disciples, He told God this, He said,

John 17:18 As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.”  

So there are a few things I want to show you from this very simple verse, this very simple prayer of Jesus that we take to our heart as a church in South Carolina, and we can tell people this is why we go:

The first thing we must do because Jesus sends us is that “we must take the initiative”. We must go, it must be our decision to go to the world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The second thing we must do is that “we must open our mouths” in order to share the gospel, we have to tell people about Jesus, we have to tell them what He did for them and He loves them. So that involves opening our mouths and sharing.

The third thing that we see as a church in South Carolina is that “we must declare and demonstrate”. It is not just about saying, teaching, it is also about doing, loving. It is about letting the love of Jesus Christ shine through us to those people in these countries.

And the last thing we know that means is that “we must prepare for opposition”. Because when we share the gospel, we are going to be laughed at, we are going to be ridiculed, and people are going to oppose us. But if we prepare for that, Jesus will help us through.  

So really, the answer is that Jesus sends us, but really it is more than that, because Jesus commissions us to a task. And so I want you to look at one more verse with me, it is in Acts, chapter 1. And this is really the last recorded statement of Jesus Christ; it is His commission; it is what He wants us to do; really it is the upmost important for us as a church. Jesus in this verse said that,

Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

So I want you to look at the very first word of this verse 8 - “but”. So really what this tells me is that, this is the last statement of Jesus Christ, there is a “but”, so what that means is that there is new goal, there is a new roadmap. Jesus has given us something new that He wants us to see, that he wants us to do. So I want you to look at what we see in this verse as a church, the Community Bible Church, the reason why we go to these places that I might share with you. 

So I want to ask the first of all questions:

First of all, Jesus has given us a task, He has given us a new road map. Who is He giving it to?

Secondly, what is this task?

Thirdly, How are we supposed to do this?

And fourthly, where are supposed to do this?
       The first question is “who”, and He says, "But you…". So whom Jesus is speaking to is individual. He is speaking to, we believe as a church, it is every one of us, but also collectively to all of us as a church. So He says, “But you, go…” So really, it is everyone.

       Secondly, the question is “how”, “how are we supposed to go”. And we are supposed to go “in the power of the Holy Spirit”. The Holy Spirit will empower us to reach Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the world with the gospel message.

       Thirdly, “What are we supposed to do?” And really this is pretty simple. Some people like to complicate it, but really all we are supposed to be and all we are supposed to do is witnesses. It does not mean being preachers, or being powerful evangelists. It really just means being a witness. That means witnessing to what you already know, witnessing to the love of Christ that you experience for yourself personally.

       And then, fourthly, “where”? And in the verse we see that it says, “to Jerusalem, to Judea, to Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”, but what does this mean? To us as a church, “Jerusalem” is a city, for me, that is Beaufort, South Carolina in the United States. I need to reach my “Jerusalem”, which is Beaufort. “Judea” is our province, or our state, which is South Carolina. And then “Samaria” is our country, the United States. Then “the ends of the earth” is every other country on our planet. That includes Ukraine, that includes South Africa, that includes the Philippines, that includes Uganda, that includes Dominican Republic, and that includes China 

       So very simply, when we talk about our missions and why missions, the answer is, “because Jesus sends us”. And then when we ask the question; “Where?” The answer is, “Wherever He tells us to go”. So, that is our view of missions and our church in South Carolina. And that is why we go where we go, and why we witnesses the love of Jesus Christ that is in our lives. 

Let me pray for us this afternoon, and for the entire day.

Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for the opportunity to be here in Beijing, China, Lord. I thank you for this Vacation Language School, which you have given us this week and this next week, the school that would happen. God, I thank you that you sent your son to die for me. God, I pray that you would help me to serve you to the best of my ability by witnessing to what you have done in my life to as many people as possible, whether that is in Beaufort, South Carolina, for South Africa, or Ukraine, or China. God, that you would find me faithful. God, I thank you for the love that you show, I thank you for the grace that you have given, and your mercy. God, I pray for this church in China that you would continue to grow, and you continue to show and demonstrate your love and your grace to these people of this great country. Thank you for sending Jesus for me. In Christ's name, Amen



Conclusion by Pastor Mike:


John 12:5 “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year’s wages. ” 6 He did not say this because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief;

You know one of the things we battle on every trip that we take, and every country we go to is people say, “ It is a lot of money to go!” 

For our team, it cost about USD 3,500 for each one to go. And they would say, "Why would you bring 60 people to China? That is a lot of money." But most of them say that not because they care about China, but because they just love money. You see when the gospel goes out and bears fruit, note what it says here, “he said this not because he cared about poor, but because he was a thief." You see it implies that when the gospel goes out and when the Christians go, one of the ministries, one of the mission fields is among the poor. Jesus even says, "You will always have the poor among you." And indeed we do. Whether it is in China, in Africa, America, whether it is in Guatemala, it is in Honduras, Ukraine, France, the poor everywhere. And what I have noticed among the poor is that they love to receive the gospel. And so my encouragement to you is really an encouragement to me as well -- since the poor is always around, one of the best way that we can show the love of Christ is to help the poor. It is the help to those who could never give back to us. It is really the true sign of humility, you know Jesus has only one time ever described  himself so. He says, “I am meek and humble in heart.” So I didn't come to be served but I came to serve. And so He really served those who could never give back, certainly His gift is greater than any one of us could ever be. So Martha served, Lazarus served, Mary served, but Judas did not serve. He constantly took. So as you consider John 12 in your life, as you consider your daily life, one of the things I tell my kids all the time is that, if you really want a great relationship with God, just two things involved:

       1. Everyday spend time in God's Word, and

       2. Everyday spend time with God's people. 

When you spend time in God's Word, it encourages you and it builds your relationship with Him; And as you spend time with God's people, you build up others' lives as well.  

So we are going to sing one more song today and as the worship team comes up, I just want to say a prayer for us as a church, the United Church. Let's pray together: 

Father, thank you for this ministry and I thank you for the privilege you have given us to walk as men worthy of your gospel. And I thank you that you have given us the poor, given us the needy, and thank you that you have given us the example of Christ and the apostles. Father, I thank you and I pray that as the gospel goes out among our families, our friends, and the poor, I pray it would bear fruit. I thank you in advance and I know that it will. God, bless this church. Thank you for its leadership team, and for you Word, which goes out, thank you for your promise that it will never return void. You will always accomplish what you say you are up to accomplish, so use your Word, say it to our hearts. And today, may we spend time not just in your Word, not just with your people, but spend time among the poor. We pray this in Christ's name, Amen 




We are going to sing the last song. But before I do, I just want to know how many of you are experiencing difficulties in life? You are going through a tough time. Yeah? OK, that is OK to raise your hands because Jesus sees those hands. What else? What about trials, real hard times that you cannot see light where you are going? Yeah? OK, Jesus understands. What about go through pain in your life? Having a relationship pain, or health-related pain? Anyone else? Yes, OK. We want to remember you. As we sing this song, turn your hearts to God. And God would prepare a way for you, God has been preparing for you.

Hebrews 7:24-25Jesus is at the right hand of Father, He is interceding for you moment to moment.

He prays for you. So our God is a passionate God, He cares for you and He has a way for you.


       The Song - God Will Make A Way


       The Final Prayer:

Lord Jesus, you saw their hands, and you even saw those who did not raise their hands. The trials before them, the tears before them, the broken hearts, the pain, the trials… it seems so dark. Lord, we thank you for them because through these trials you teach us to hold onto your Word, hold onto your promises, and hold onto your hand. And by you alone, we could walk through these trials victoriously! Lord, I pray for those who need healing today, Lord, your Spirit, with all thy Word, heal us by your grace and mercy, and by your power. We thank you, Lord. In Jesus' name. Amen


Summarized by Amy and Franz

Edited by Claire



Worship song: God Will Make A Way 



Verse 1 God will make a way
where there seems to be no way.
He works in ways we cannot see,
He will make a way for me.
Chorus He will be my guide,
hold me closely to His side,
with love and strength
for each new day,
He will make a way,
He will make a way.
Verse 2 By a roadway in the wilderness
He'll lead me.
And rivers in the desert will I see;
Heaven and earth will fade,
but His Word will still remain.
He will do something new today.



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