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2014 Haidian Church New Year's Prayer

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Dear Lord, the members of Haidian Christian Church give you our thanks! Thank you for your guidance to each of us in the passing year! Lord, we thank you for keeping us in your mighty hands and for being faithful to us all the time. May the glory be to you, our almighty God! May peace be upon all your children, whom you favor! At the beginning of this New Year, we humbly offer our praise and gratitude to you!

Merciful Lord, you are Almighty! You are to be revered above all gods! You are the holy king and enthroned on the praises of Israel. Great are you, our Lord, and greatly to be praised! We will praise your Holy name for you are good, and your steadfast love endures forever for all who fear you!

Our Savior Jesus Christ! You are the light of the world and the Lord of lords! You are worthy of praise! We thank you for coming into this world for us and dying for us. Thank you for being our helper in our sufferings! Thank you for being our good shepherd. We will rely on you, surrender ourselves to you, and follow you all our life!

Holy Spirit, our Comforter! We thank you for taking us into the Truth and cleansing our heart so that we may have a righteous spirit within us. We pray that you may help us to know the good and the bad, to be far away from evil and sin. We pray that with your guidance, we may live a holy and pure life.

Lord, may you bless Haidian Christian Church. May you strengthen and support the pastors you have approved. May they rightly explain the word of Truth and provide spiritual food to us at the proper time. May you help us grow in your truth on an appropriate foundation! May you bless your church day by day by adding to the number those who are being saved! May you bless our family members, and grant us the wisdom and power to spread your Good News.

Triune God! We put our country into your mighty hands! May those who have authority, power, and dominion govern the country according to your will and bring a good life to the people in this country. May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, for the kingdom and the power and the glory are yours forever!





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