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2009-11-01:Living A Committed Christian Life

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This Sunday saw a message from Pastor Wu on the subject of living a committed Christian life – placing God’s calling for us as Christians and seeking His purpose over our temporary comfort. It certainly seemed appropriate as many of the congregation had battled through a snow blizzard to reach the service. In these winter months, he reminded us we should be thankful for what we have received rather than spiteful over things we feel we are entitled to. A glad heart is certainly key in our Christian walk. We were shown a deeply moving video of the Hoyt father and son triathlon team – the father has demonstrated unwavering commitment to helping his disabled son enjoy the excitement of competition by assisting him around many triathlon courses. As well as being a touching illustration of support amidst adversity, we can also view it as a reflection of God’s love for His children. Before concluding with Communion, we received a message from.


She related to us the story of a Christian couple she knew who resolved to bring up their child with Cerebral Palsy by relying on God – such a powerful demonstration of faith that it moved her to become a Christian. Although the Christian walk may not be without always be comfortable, it is always filled with grace.  






































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