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2009-11-22:Thanksgiving and blessing

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Today was a magnificent day for the Lord – with over forty baptisms. On this crisp morning the church was full with worshipers old and young, all united by their love of God and commitment to Christian community. We were guided by our leader Pastor Wu, who gave a powerful and heartfelt sermon about Abraham’s faithfulness amidst difficulty. He also emphasized the importance of hospitality and showing a warm welcome to friends and strangers alike during these cold times. Indeed, Thanks Giving is very soon upon us. It is a time to remember how God has provided for us and that we can rest in Him, safe in the knowledge that He will provide. Whilst there are some things that God will not honor, He is ready to support and forgive the faithful. As usual, we welcomed new members of the congregation, hoping that they too will see God’s glory and see His grace work in their lives. We ended with a memento of 2008 – the bringing of Christmas, which will soon be with us with once again. May the end of the year herald a new beginning and optimistic outlook for all believers and a realization of God’s mighty works in all our lives.



Author :Benjamin Tait      Photography:Xiu feng



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