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English Worship 2009-11-29

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As we were drawn together in music, we were also drawn together in the word. What does it really mean to be Christian? How should we change our life and actions, to exemplify our faith and walk by faith? The congregation was challenged to examine their own lives and truly walk in obedience to Jesus’ instruction and commandments. We should not see our Christian faith as a way to satisfy our material needs or make our lives more comfortable. Instead, we should seek fulfillment and peace in Jesus and the grace which God provides to each and every one of us. As the weather gets even colder and the square in front of the church fills with decorations, we are reminded of how close Christmas is. Today’s sermon reminded us how we should be thankful for everything in life, no matter how difficult it might at times seem. In this festive season, we can look forward without fear to celebrating the birth of our redeemer and present thanks and appreciation to our community. As new believers come to faith and mature believers continue to see God’s wonder work out in their lives, Haidian English Fellowship can continue to prosper as members new and old continue in their walk.

















Author :Benjamin Tait      Photography:Gengping Ma

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